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Kiosk implementations allow customer interaction with your organisation via dedicated terminals distributed strategically to provide customer information or the ability to process transactions.

Kiosks are very common in the retail sector. Typical uses being in large buildings/ shopping malls where a vast amount of information can be accessed by customers relating to building navigation via interactive location maps, business/ trading entities details and general customer service interfaces.

Woman with phone uses self-service kiosk

Virtual Reception services can also be delivered via kiosk implementations which we can integrate with building access control to allow users to check-in, pass security and proceed to a waiting area to be met by their host, all using QR code technology.

When combined with large screen Digital Signage and Content Management solutions this can project the image of a company that is leading the way in digital interaction.

Kiosks are the perfect way to complete sales transactions allowing customers to view your complete product ranges, avoid queues and pay for their purchases. Retail outlets across the board, cinemas and food chains are embracing this to improve the overall customer experience and encourage repeat business. 


Call us on 01403 886572 to discuss how we can deliver innovation and help improve your overall employee or customer's digital interaction with your organisation through the use of kiosk services.

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