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Security Concepts

Designers, Installers and Maintainers of Integrated CCTV, Intruder and Access Control Systems

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Who Are Security Concepts

Our Origin and Areas of Expertise

Security Concepts is a specialist security technology company based in the South of England. 

Security Concepts was formed as an entity in its own right from the security arm of Business Centric IT Ltd who have been installing security systems all over Europe for global enterprise clients, managing access control systems globally and upwards of 400 cameras across the world. It was felt that a niche organisation with a narrow focus on 3 core disciplines was needed to service an ever increasing requirement for bespoke, high performing systems in the South East of England, hence the advent of Security Concepts.

Our areas of expertise are;


IP CCTV utilising the latest AI technology from Tether, Eagle Eye, Avigilon, Hikvision and Milestone.

Intruder systems from Texecom and Honeywell with remote monitoring and integration with access control and CCTV platforms.

Access control systems from Brivo, Tyco, Lenel & Paxton.

Integration of all the above technologies to give an end-to-end integrated security platform.

Cloud Based Security Ecosystem 

Advanced camera analytics combined with back-end artificial intelligence have turned CCTV into a video analytics engine to feed and automate security, health & safety, process control and compliance functions within today’s commercial environments. 


Security Concepts’ back-end cloud based platform based on Tether technology offers a 'single pane of glass' management view of video surveillance, intruder and access control whilst at the same time allowing soft linkage of previously autonomous systems to build a truly integrated security ecosystem.  Cloud based ‘off-site’ storage of footage and events mitigates risks associated with fire or theft. 


The GDPR standards compliant, vendor agnostic platform allows the integration of diverse manufacturers’ cameras to be integrated into a single enterprise platform, doing away with the need for on-site proprietary NVR’s and storage arrays. This can be particularly useful during M&A activity where existing systems need to be quickly incorporated into the group standard.


The flexibility of the back-end system gives us the option to select just the right camera for the job, regardless of manufacturer, meaning you aren’t limited to the capabilities of one brand. We leverage the VCA (Video Content Analytics) of the camera and use embedded data from within the cameras’ sub-stream.


From SME’s with <10 cameras to Global Enterprise clients with >1000 cameras, the adoption of a modular approach to the aggregation of high resolution video streams (from 780p through 4K and beyond) means that the platform is able to offer a scalable solution for any size customer. Video retention for any duration is possible and 90 days (for CPI compliance for example) is no problem.

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