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Security - IP CCTV

With the advent of IP CCTV, the integration of this discipline into our portfolio of IT products and services seemed a natural thing to do. The CCTV camera has assumed its place as another device on the network like the IP telephone. 

As voice skills are still required for VOIP implementations, CCTV skills are still essential for a quality IP CCTV implementation as much of the camera configuration is still very technology specific. However, the integration of cameras into the network and the interfacing of the CCTV systems with other IT systems and tools relies heavily on IT expertise.

Panoramic collage of closeup security CC

For both CCTV and Access Control, Security Concepts can implement anything ranging from small standalone systems for a single location to globally networked and administered systems that form part of a corporate environment, with central management and monitoring.

We work with all the leading manufacturers of industrial grade CCTV equipment including Cisco Merak®, Hikvision® and Avigilon®. We will select the right product to meet your specific budget and interoperability requirements along with any specialist applications requiring non-standard cameras, offsite image retention etc. Our latest cameras have on-board processing and offer ANPR, facial recognition, occupancy reporting and intruder detection.

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Simulation of body temperature check by

We are able to design, install and support employee health screening cameras to alert when someone enters the premises with an elevated body temperature. Whilst Covid-19 is the current concern, this technology has been used widely throughout the SARS and MERS outbreaks and is expected to be part of a standard security strategy going forward.

With CCTV, we offer a full support service with our helpdesk able to dispatch engineers to site 24 x 7, 365 days a year.

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