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IT Relocation

As an extension to our MAC services BCIT are well equipped to provide full IT infrastructure and EUC inter-building relocation services.

We offer and end-to-end decom, relocate & recom service for Data Centre and EUC desktop with the capability to execute anywhere in the EMEA region.

Working with our partner logistics organisation with pan-European coverage, augmented by our UK teams we will own the shutdown, packing, transportation and recommissioning of your IT infrastructure. Full insurance covers all risks during this exercise and specialist transportation is arranged according to requirements, to include secure flight case packaging of servers and air suspension lorries. 

90% of our engagements in EMEA involve a shutdown of the company's IT on Friday evening with the entire relocation being executed and QA'd in time for start of business on a Monday morning. This is typically the case for offices up to 500 users.

We can provide reference clients for these services in most EU countries for projects ranging from a 20 user office move to a 1000 user (incorporating 600 call centre agent) Italy Headquarters relocation for a large US financial institution (pictured).

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