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Digital Signage

With experience of implementing digital signage and content management solutions for public spaces and call centre ACD stats solutions in the UK and Europe, BCIT can work with your organization to tailor a solution to meet your needs.


We have delivered systems across EMEA in global call centre environments that interact with ACD systems (Avaya and Cisco) to provide agents and management with real-time statistics to enable better resource management and planning using direct video feeds or distributed content management servers/ players.

Stock market graph on screen. Ticker on

Distributed Market Data feeds to multiple panels around trading environments are a familiar site in the Investment Banking environments where we have worked. 

Content management systems allow for the creative use of video to convey corporate communications to staff and customers alike with centralised administration and dynamic interfaces to external feeds (News, Market Data, TV) these systems offer the ultimate in flexibility at a surprisingly affordable price point. 

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Call us on 01403 886572 to discuss how we can deliver innovation and help you project your company's image through the use of digital signage.

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