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Data Wiping/ Destruction

The need to securely destroy redundant sensitive commercial data has never been greater.


With high profile data leakage cases hitting the headlines, corporate reputational damage, consequential losses and loss of customer trust can be enormous.

BCIT can offer a comprehensive asset discovery and disposal service for IT assets ensuring that data is handled securely to the point that is erased beyond recovery to industry recognised standards.

Our service comprises the following activities; 

  • Site survey and audit of your IT & comms rooms to assess the amount of redundant IT and hardware you wish to recycle and the amount of media you wish to wipe or destroy.


  • Secure IT supply chain - We only use fully vetted engineers and drivers to de-install and transport your redundant hardware, helping to ensure the safety and integrity of your data.


  • An ADISA accredited facility means you can be assured that all the requirements and best practices necessary for the safe and secure handling of confidential data are being adhered to. 


  • Government approved CESG certified data erasure - The legislation of data protection, GDPR governance, financial compliance and right to privacy create a legal minefield for businesses to navigate. All erasure tools used provide an audit trail as well as guarantee that your data will be wiped to the correct level.


  • On and offsite hard disk shredding and media destruction - Should you require the next level of security we can have data wiped and destroy your unwanted media. We can arrange for disk shredding vehicles which can provide onsite data destruction of all types of hard and solid state drives, tapes, mobile phones, circuit boards and various other IT related items to attend your site meaning no assets leave your custody with readable data on them.


  • Recycling and disposal - Once redundant IT equipment is assessed we will decide whether it can be recycled and re-sold, or it needs to be environmentally disposed of.


  • Remarketing and resale - We can get you the best possible returns on your recycled hardware, helping to offset the disposal cost and create additional revenue streams.


  • Fully certified - We can provide Certificates of Destruction and Waste Transfer Notes helping you provide a complete audit trail and proof of GDPR compliance.

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