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Fire Suppression

Over the years it's been a common requirement for us to incorporate fire detection and suppression system into comms room fit-outs.

Historically the detection element has comprised optical sensors mounted on the ceiling or VESDA systems sampling the air in the room to detect the presence of smoke particles.

The suppression system has been water, Halon, and successors including FM200 and Novec 1230.

One of the problems with room based systems (aside from the price) is that the seat of the fire is generally within the cabinet, so it takes time for the detector to go into alarm and then when the extinguishant is released it has to penetrate the cabinet.

We have been installing in-cabinet fire suppression for our clients and we're seeing a much bigger uptake of the in-cabinet solution which generally comes in at a fraction of the cost of a room based system and only usually consumes 4U of each space.

The in-cabinet system is linked to the building fire panel, so upon activation it will alert the building fire system of the incident and trigger all the usual responses to the event.

To see the system in action, take a look at this short clip . To discuss your requirements call us on 01403 886572.

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