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Moves, Adds & Changes (MAC)

Hot-desking, the silver bullet to end every real-estate manager’s overhead of re-stacking buildings and moving staff…. If only that were the case!

With commercial pressure to optimize workspace utilization, the need for people to be efficiently relocated both within and between buildings has never been greater. BCIT has executed thousands of user moves from small team relocations within a building to entire Corporate Headquarters relocations to new facilities both in the UK and across Europe.


Our expertise in the MAC arena originates from our investment banking heritage and the need for traders’ workstations to be relocated such that on a Monday morning everything was exactly like it was in the old location and working flawlessly.  

The only way to achieve this is meticulous planning, capturing the minutest detail before the move, photographing the desk, executing the move and thoroughly testing the workstation prior to the user returning to work.

In summary, the process we adopt is;


1.Compile the move sheet in association with the client capturing critical information

2.Photograph the desk at the POD (Point of Departure)

3.Decommission the workstation and other desktop IT (IP/ TDM phones, peripherals etc.)

4.Relocate the equipment (either ourselves or in collaboration with the client’s mover)

5.Rebuild the user workstation at the POA (Point of Arrival) lace and secure cabling

6.Test network connectivity and workstation configuration (screen arrangement)

7.Support first day of production post-move with floor walkers skilled in desktop and networks.


Our MAC engineers have desktop and network skills to enable them to troubleshoot and diagnose any connectivity issues that may arise during a move including network and cabling infrastructure faults.


We are able to correct cabling issues real-time and work with the client to address network configuration issues not found during User Acceptance Testing (UAT).

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