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Asset Management

Asset Management Challenges

With organisations' inventory of IT assets of varying age and value, it’s a significant drain on resources to manage them effectively. In many cases companies' have poor, incomplete records of assets and lack processes required to properly store and safely dispose of them. There is also the issue of over-provisioning of hardware and inefficient utilisation of assets to address current needs.

A strategic oversight and management of hardware vendors and also awareness to ensure that current hardware isn’t preventing modernisation is required

Inefficient IT asset management can result in non-favourable commercial decisions and contracts with vendors coupled with a lack of governance over new hardware deployment. Processes are required to identify and track valuable IT assets to ensure they’re always compliant and redundant assets are minimised.


BCIT's Approach

  • Discovery - We discover all your hardware assets and build an inventory which can form the basis of your Configuration Management Database (CMDB) if not already in place. We then analyse your hardware types and warranty and support status to build a current service model.

  • Implementation - Our implementation covers the following areas:

  • Address (legacy) equipment ideal for modernisation

  • Identify systems suited to operating in a cloud environment using a suite of tools specifically designed to manage cloud migration lifecycle

  • Identify redundant equipment. We have sophisticated analytics tools to identify idle and under-utilised assets enabling us to create migration paths to reduce the hardware inventory, facilitating the re-deployment of assets or retirement and ultimately recycling., This can be up to 30% of the hardware estate

  • Alignment of SLA obligations with inventory to ensure service availability is not compromised due to a lack of hardware and resources

  • Review of spares holdings​​


  • ​We can securely store assets for short notice access at warehouses in Portsmouth and Wokingham where fully bonded environments exist for compliance and security


  • Optimal storage of assets in locations that suit the requirement at the lowest cost i.e. close proximity to the client for mission critical spares or out-of-town storage for low volume non-time critical spares


  • Full transportation and logistics services throughout Europe


  • When linked to other BCIT services the Asset Management component completes the full lifecycle management and tracking of assets


  • Reporting - We produce monthly asset register reports as standard to provide your business with a clear and accurate view of your assets' value and health

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